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Pest Control Resources

Protecting your garden:

End your worries about garden problems with safe, effective solutions. Find out how, when, and where to use preventive methods, insect traps and barriers, biocontrols, homemade remedies and botanical insecticides. Make sure you have good information for quick identification of insect pests, beneficial insects, and plant diseases.
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Protecting your home:

If unwanted guests flying, crawling, burrowing or sneaking in to your home? Do you hate spiders? Has your house been invaded by ants, termites or cockroaches?

Find non toxic answers to every homeowner’s questions about the insects and unwanted critters that share our homes and living spaces. Information on household pests, from ants to scabies to vinegar flies, and find environmentally friendly solutions for managing them. Make sure you have documentation that enables you to distinguish pest situations that may need immediate attention from those that require simply watchful waiting.


We have selected a range of books to help home owners protect their families with out resorting to toxic chemicals or dangerous activities.

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